241 FITNESS - Group Exercise - Cape Cod, MA

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  • 1 single class - $13.00
  • 5 visit punch card - $58.00
  • 10 visit punch card - $98.00
  • 1 month unlimited - $78.00
  • 3 month unlimited - $198.00
  • Annual unlimited - $48.00/mo or $576.00/paid in full

  • Punch cards may be shared or transferred
  • Punch cards expire 3 months from purchase date
  • All punch card sales are non-refundable
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     Class Descriptions

    Get 20 minutes each of cardiovascular training (aerobics/step/kick boxing), muscle conditioning and abdominals in this back to basics class.


    A low impact workout using a ballet Barre that fuses elements of ballet, pilates, yoga & sports conditioning. Exercises are followed by immediate stretching to elongate and lengthen the muscles give you the foundation of a dancers body.


    Weight training at it's best. Use a variety of props in combination with functional movements to help you increase muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility and total body conditioning.

    Power Music Group Rx is a choreographed weight training workout that is designed to increase muscle tone & functional strength.




    Calm the mind and strengthen the body with this unique blend of Stretching, Yoga and Relaxation.


    I.T. : Interval Training 
    When it comes to getting lean & mean in a hurry, "I.T." is one of the most effective ways. A combination of cardio exercises with weight training segments.


    KICK I.T. : Kickboxing Interval Training
    A multi-level class that combines basic kick-boxing and balance drills with functional weight training segments. The easy to follow format will safely and effectively challenge all the systems of the body.    

    This new and exciting class is geared toward those who want to learn jazz and contemporary styles of movement to some modern music. Class includes a traditional dancer's warm-up, stretching, across the floor work, and unique choreography. A new piece of music is selected each month.


    Define Yourself....with this low impact body sculpting class that fuses the core moves of Pilates, the flow of Ashtanga yoga, and the strength of athletic based moves. Get the results of high intensity classes without the impact.


    Other workouts might have you moving along with the beat, but POUND® puts you in charge of the BEAT. Each beat ACTIVATES a series of STABILIZER muscles helping you burn more calories as multiple muscle groups work together! It’s a Rockout -Workout!

    Self Myofascial  And Release Techniques is a 30 minute class using self massage techniques that relax sore muscles, rehydrate tissue, aid circulation, reduce the risk of injury, and increase flexibility. Foam rollers and a variety of balls are used during this group class.

       the STEP™ 
     A 45 minute total cardio class using a STEP platform to increase your heart rate, while shaping, toning and sculpting your lower body.


    A body sculpting class using your own body weight and a suspension trainer mounted from the ceiling. The placement of your body regulates how hard or easy and exercise will be making this an ideal group class for all levels. Your body IS your equipment.

    An active practice that unites breath and movement to create a flow of energy within the mind and body. Begins and ends with mindfulness exercises.

    Dance to a fusion of Latin and International music that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective interval inspired fitness party.


    ZUMBA® in the CLUB
    Ditch the workout, Join the party! Same great ZUMBA dance class with a night club feel.

    A blend of body-sculpting techniques and specific Zumba moves combined into one calorie-burning, strength training class. Weighted maraca-like Toning Sticks are used to enhance rhythm and build strength.